Active Ports

Active Ports 1.4

Active Ports monitors all open TCP and UDP ports on a local computer

Active Ports is a tool that monitors all open TCP and UDP ports on a local computer.
You can watch which process has opened which port, because the program maps ports to its owning application.

Active Ports 1.4 also displays a local and remote IP address for each connection and allows you to terminate the owning process. In this way, this program can help you to detect and stop trojans and other malicious programs.

When you run Active Ports 1.4, it scans all your open ports, and displays the following information about them: Process Name, PID, Local IP, Local Port, Remote IP, Remote Port, State, Protocol and Path.

If you want to know more about certain process, you can click on it and press the "Query Names" button. You will then see the name of the server trying to reach your IP.

If you don´t trust that process, you can terminate it through this program, pressing the "Terminate Process" button.

You can also export the list of processes to a .csv file, in order to keep or give someone a detailed report about your port usage.

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  • The program scans accurately your TCP and UDP ports, displaying relevant information


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